Wednesday, August 24, 2011

B is for Busy

Wow...It seems that is has been forever since I had a moment to blog.  I actually don't "have" a moment right now but I'm going to take it anyway.
Tomorrow we will have been in school for two weeks. (TWO weeks) My thoughts are all over the place.  I LOVE teaching.  I am both energized and exhausted by and from it.  My head and heart are full.....all of the time.  I can't even seem to remember that I was at home with my sweet girls three weeks ago. I miss them. The hours flash by. The days are marked off on my desk calendar.  I feel as if I struggle to keep my head above water.  120 new names to learn. I really want to call them by their name....they are worth remembering.  I pray that I'm making a difference in someone's life.  Did I make enough copies?  Will I ever convince them to listen to the directions?  How MANY times do I really need to say the same thing?  Does each individual need a written invitation to sit down?  I gaze at the couch full of laundry.  I am trying to perfect the packing "everything except the kitchen sink" routine.  I have almost figured out everyone's daily schedule.  The twins don't cry when I rush out of the room in the morning. The time when we first walk through the door from school/work is priceless.  The house is not spotless but it feels good to be here...together.
Holton is settling into his senior year.  He is at home more now than he was during the summer and it is nice to have him here.  Haigan has reconnected with old friends.  He is enjoying praising God through his music and serenades anyone who passes by during his practice time at night.  Lana Grace is as sweet as ever. She wakes up and wants to play hide and seek with her daddy at 6 am.  She "needs a friend" and mommy and daddy are the best ones.  Let us cling to that with all that we are!  Amelia is finally walking.  She is a cuddler and such a beauty.  She is getting curls just like big sister.  Annabeth is a firecracker.  She doesn't just walk...she runs.  She is smart and funny and full of energy!

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