Thursday, July 7, 2011


If you are a parent, you've been overloaded with this simple three letter word.  Our simple answer (and not a very good one) is "because I said so."  I read a post this morning at about those three letters.  It was both inspirational and challenging.

I am an over-analyzer of my words.  I always wonder (probably worry but wonder sounds better) if I have offended someone through conversations.  I replay them in my mind and hope that my point was taken the way I intended it to be.  Or maybe I'm hopeful that my point was taken but hiding behind that innocent "Oh I didn't mean it that way" line.  Many times in my life I have allowed words to slip from my mouth or have written them for others to read and later regretted them.  The sinking feeling when I speak something that doesn't come from a pure heart is immediate for me.  I was challenged to think about what I wrote or said and find my motives BEFORE saying or writing it.  Wouldn't the world be a kinder place if we did that?  Wouldn't we save ourselves and those around us many heartaches?

So my challenge to myself is to question WHY I write and say the things I do.  What is it that I hope to give or gain?  Is it pure?  It is selfish?  Is it humble?  Is it necessary?  Will it build others up or tear them down?  Will it direct others to Christ or make me look good?

I hope that I find myself writing and saying things that are helpful not hurtful, wise not foolish, and humble not prideful.

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