Monday, January 11, 2016

2 things that I'm loving this week

So, it's MONDAY again!  Yippee!  A two hour visit to the dentist after school for the girls and a projected bill of $1300 worth of dental work.  NO PROBLEM..... Ugh!  But, I said I was going to work on being positive.  I'm digging deep for this one but I'm thankful that we have teeth and that we have dental insurance.  That's about as positive as I can be on that topic!

The two things that I'm loving this week

1)  I'm really loving my cash envelopes budgeting system.  I HAVE NOT...I retype....I HAVE NOT gone over my grocery budget.  I even have enough left in my envelope to try a restaurant that is new to our family.  So I'm hoping that this is going to be the budget helper that we need in the area of food/household expenses.  That is a BIG expense that can really get out of hand for our family.

2)  I'm loving the many, many posts that I am finding on setting goals that are centered around my priorities.  This includes a wonderful post shared by a friend about setting goals that are Christ-centered.  I can't wait to really look at that this week and examine my heart and my goals.

Well....that was short and sweet.  On to a new week!

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