Sunday, January 17, 2016

"Home Church"

I had a little procedure done on Friday. ( I think that it how you politely describe having a vein stripped from your lower leg.)  Either way.....I am not quite able to go to church this morning.
I don't like missing church.  Henry is always very good about "having church" at home when we can't go.  This morning, he rounded up the girls and we had a lesson on guarding your heart.  The girls wrote Proverbs 4:23, memorized it and earned candy hearts for reciting it.  They also made origami hearts and "hid" the word inside them.  It is so important to have scripture hidden in your heart.  I hope to be more intentional about hiding it in my own heart.
So that I keep it real here.....LG is now having a mini meltdown because she really doesn't want to watch a movie about the Bible and wanted to watch SpongeBob.
Showing off their hearts

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