Thursday, June 23, 2011

Having it all together

I don't know about other moms but I rarely feel as if I have it "together."  I mean, we get it done..well, sort of.  I usually only get out of the house to go to the grocery store and church.  By the way, I know this is not healthy, but if you can figure out how to do it easily with no help and three under three...message me. :) The grocery store is a pretty forgiving place at 9:30 p.m. so I can get away with shorts and one of Henry's t-shirts.  Church, on the other hand, always makes me feel a little anxious.  Thankfully, the boys are pretty self-sufficient. By the time six wiggling arms are coaxed into perfectly ironed dresses, six little feet are shoved into shoes that fit well last week but not this one, three little heads of hair are brushed and attempts at bows are made......I'm done.  Henry is usually loading the girls into the van and I am calling out, "Okay, just let me fix my hair and I'll be right there."  So you can imagine.  Drop off at the nursery is hit and miss.  Sometimes we packed it all...sometimes we hope no one poops and needs another diaper.  God's richest blessings on those who bring spares. :)  It feels silly sometimes to feel successful that you are actually IN the van and haven't even gone anywhere.  The twins have given me a new appreciation, or maybe it is envy, for those who appear to have it all "together." I went to a 9am birthday party last week with Henry and the girls.  After the initial crowd moved into the house for cake, my good friend (bless you Jessica) said "I think you have your shirt on inside out!"  I quickly responded "but we made it."  That seems to be my way of life for now.  I love this life.  I wish I could figure out how to have perfectly painted toes and fingers, serve gourmet meals, have girls night out weekly, and do all those things that "together" girls do.  But for now, I'm blessed to be a mess.


  1. Love it! I'm right there with you girl. Sometimes it really takes an act of God for me to relax and really worship at church - after the hectic morning of just getting there! "Blessed to be a mess" - my new favorite saying ;)

  2. You do it beautifully! I think you are certainly a "together girl." ;)